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Employment Opportunities

Early Childhood Music Teacher


Wildwoods Music’s Music Together® program may be the perfect fit for you! Music Together is an internationally known, research-based music and movement program for young children ages 0-5 years and their parents and caregivers. These classes include a rich variety of movement activities, singing, chanting, and instrumental jam sessions. Help families learn to incorporate music into their lives, and teach them what a huge impact musical understanding has on all other learning.

Wildwoods Music is looking for someone part time to teach 1-3 classes a week with the opportunity to expand as the program grows. 

Music Together classes are like teaching aerobics, preschool and hosting a party all at the same time. Ideal candidates are FUN, ENERGETIC, SOCIALLY OUTGOING and ENTHUSIASTIC, and have experience with children ages 0-5. If you are a music major, theater major, early childhood/credential candidate or someone who has experience with teaching kids in a group or classroom setting then this would be a great addition to your experience and resume. 

Qualities of a Teacher:
1. Personality - engaging, friendly, authentic, having fun
2. Basic Vocal skills - sings in tune, accessible voice, not too "performancy"
3. Basic Rhythm skills - maintains accurate rhythm, beat is evident in both upper and lower body
4. Basic Movement skills - movements are clear and comfortable, not too complex
5. Leading skills - connects with others, eye contact, non-formal approach
6. Receptive to feedback - is open to changing things, can incorporate suggestions from mentor
7. Physically healthy - Can bounce kids on laps, dance, jump, skip, carry bins of instruments, smoothly get up and down from sitting on the ground.

8. Available for teaching early evening and/or weekend classes and able to commit to at least one year (3-4 nine to ten week sessions) 

Compensation: starts at $35/class (co-teaching is $20/class after initial observation classes) 
*We provide teachers with all the curriculum, materials & training. 
*Must be available to begin co-teaching in the current or upcoming session and be willing/able to attend Music Together Training (online) prior to solo teaching. 

Please complete the inquiry form below or feel free to reach out with any questions! 

Speech Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA)

This position administers direct and indirect intervention to assist a speech-language pathologist in the provision of clinical services for clients with speech-language disorders.

Pediatric/part time 

• Conduct speech and language screenings utilizing screening protocols specified by the supervising speech language pathologist;
• Provide direct treatment assistance under scope of license, to clients identified by the supervising SLP, by
following written treatment plans or protocols developed by the supervising SLP
• Document client progress toward meeting established objectives as stated in the treatment plan and report
this information to the supervising SLP;
• Assist the SLP in collecting and tallying of data for assessment purposes;
• Assist the SLP with informal documentation during an intervention session (collecting and tallying data as
directed by the SLP), prepare materials and assist in other clerical duties as specified by the supervising SLP;
• Schedule activities and prepare charts, records, graphs or other displays of data;
• Perform clerical and administrative functions or other duties as assigned by supervising SLP.
• Prepare materials for therapy sessions with input from supervising SLP.
• Reinforces individualized home programs with clear instructions.

Speech Language Pathologist

Pediatric focus preferred 
Part/full time 

This position provides screening, evaluation, and therapeutic treatment services for clients with speech, language, voice, swallowing, cognitive or other disorders within the SLP scope of practice. This position plans and carries out specialized treatment programs, documents treatment, and maintains data related to care. This position demonstrates the clinical competence and knowledge necessary to provide treatment appropriate to the age of the patients served.

This position works directly with clients and families to understand their needs and develop/carry out treatment
plans to provide excellent care. 

Primarily in person services, although knowledge/familiarity with telehealth preferred. 

Employment Opportunities: Services

Please complete the inquiry form below or feel free to reach out with any questions! 

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

Employment Opportunities: Job Application
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